About Sites for Christ

Hello! I’m Sarah, a Christian web designer and the face behind Sites for Christ. I’m a follower of Christ and an imperfect child of God first and foremost. I’m also blessed to be married to my best friend, to be the mother of a fun (and challenging) little guy, and to be the dog-mommy to a sweet little yorkie-poo.

I’ve been designing and building websites since about 2002 and I love that there’s always something new to learn. I most enjoy working with WordPress because of it’s flexibility and ease of use to the end user. But I have also worked with other platforms such as Blogger and Joomla, and eCommerce solutions such as Volusion and Magento. I’m most proficient in PHP, HTML, and CSS but can also work with Javascript/jQuery. I also work with mostly Photoshop and Illustrator for graphic design needs.

For my entire professional career as a web developer I have almost exclusively worked with secular clients. But, in March of 2016 I came under the conviction by the Holy Spirit to take a step of faith out onto the water and let go of all my secular clients (one of which I had been with for 9 years) in order to open more doors to using the talents God has blessed me with exclusively for clients working within the Kingdom of Christ including the development of church websites, Christian ministries, Biblical information sites, and any other websites by Christians who aren’t afraid to share their faith using the platform of their website/blog/business (whatever it may be) to do so. Without any new work lined up I did exactly that! It was a scary but exciting time. So far God has faithfully provided for me and I expect He will continue to do so.

The purpose of Sites for Christ is to provide web and graphic design services for my brothers and sisters in Christ who are working for the greater purpose. I will happily work to build websites for clients such as churches, charities with a Christian focus, Christian conferences, exclusively-online ministries, Bible information sites, Christian blogs, and more. Basically if your ministry/website is Christ-focused with a Biblical foundation, then I would be happy to work with you.

I want to note here as well that I would be glad to work with Christian clients who have a business website or personal blog that isn’t exclusively a ministry, but is USED AS A PLATFORM TO MINISTER THE GOSPEL. I firmly believe we shouldn’t be afraid to include God and the wonderful gospel of Jesus Christ into absolutely everything we do. As Christians, if we are separating our faith from the rest of our lives, then maybe there’s something wrong with that picture. So if you’re a Christian who has a blog or business that isn’t a ministry exclusively but you can and DO share your faith with your clients/visitors, then I would be happy to help you as well.

I hope you’ll contact me about your Christian web design (and graphic design) needs. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I’d be happy to address any of your concerns before you make the commitment to hire me.

May God Bless your ministry and most importantly, your walk with Christ!